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Tél: (514) 324-4960
Fax: (514) 324-8051

PRODUCTIONFor any questions on a project or for a free estimate, please contact Alain Brochu. (ext. 222)

GRAPHICFor graphic work and vinyl lettering, contact Jean-Rock Côté (ext. 223)

ADMINISTRATIONFor all administrative questions, and english speaking only, contact Della Landry (ext. 100)

For any questions you may have regarding your projects, do not hesitate, contact Guy Rorsvort (ext.225)


10752, Avenue Salk, Montréal-Nord QC, H1G 4Y1

Directions: Take Pie IX Blvd, turn right on Amiens Street, and then left on Salk Avenue.

Nous sommes ouvert de 8h AM à 5h PM
du lundi au vendredi inclusivement.

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