About Us


Dear current and future customers,

Trans-Form Exact is enjoying a period of exceptional growth. Our priorities are to be creative, innovative and productive and to always satisfy your needs.

Silkscreen, acrylic and vinyl lettering are becoming increasingly prominent in the world of communications. Let Trans-Form Exact give your messages a dazzling new dimension and impact!

We are in an era of information where only the most visible survive. Your company’s SUCCESS is a function of its notoriety. It is up to you to maximize its VISIBILITY.

The simple fact that your company is still in business is a sign of SUCCESS. Our competent and dynamic team of pros are aware of this and welcome your ideas. Our pricing, which is always competitive, and our very reasonable delivery schedule are the two foundations supporting our reputation for excellence in Québec. We are an honest company and protecting our customers is important to us. Our well thought-out and expertly executed work is designed for one purpose only: To maximize your professional or corporate visibility.

For additional information or for a free estimate on your future projects, we invite you to communicate with us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs in the near future.

See you soon, Thank you.

For Alain Brochu, my business partner, silkscreen printing is a proud tradition handed down from father to son. He has been at your service for over 25 years.