Silkscreening specialist in Montreal

Silkscreen printing has evolved rapidly since Michael Vasilantone’s rotary machine was used to
letter bowling shirts in the 1960′s, and Transform Exact has been a driving force in that evolution for more than 25 years in Montreal. Technical advances, as amazing as they have been, however, are only part of the Transform Exact’s story. What separates Transform Exact from the t-shirt lettering crowd is the company’s dedication to providing a comprehensive professional service. The highly-trained team works with clients through every step of a silkscreening project, small, medium or large, from initial design concepts to complete advertising program strategies.

Silkscreening for Fun or for Profit?

Transform Exact offers silkscreening services that brings your projects to life in an exciting style, with quick turn around and competitive rates. Business cards, banners, calendars and more can carry your message to the world.
What about non-commercial projetcts? You know, like a blow up of Grandma blowing out the candles on her 100 th birthday cake? Well, this is really great. Transform Exact can take that digital photo and do incredible things with it. Grandma may find her image on a large mural-sized poster, or on a family album cover, or even on a personalized hand fan. Feeling a bit mischievous? Our silksreening services can handle that. How about a shot of your best buddy on a dartboard? or on a wine label?

With Transform Exact silkscreen printing services, the sky is the limit, and even that may change.