Digital & offset printing services in Montreal

Digital printing and offset printing are processes that re-produce images and transfer them to other surfaces.

Which One is Better?

This is a tricky question… and the correct answer is: “it depends”.  Digital and offset printing have their own features, advantages and disadvantages so “it depends” on your needs.

Following are a few of the pluses and minuses of each printing method that will aid in making the best choices for your specific needs.

Offset Printing

    Offset printing’s pluses:

  • Image Quality – Offset printing can produce better image replication.
  • High Volume Savings – Economies of size favor offset printing.
  • Exact Color Match – Important for logos and branding.
  • Surface Variety – Offset printing allows for greater choice of media for re-production.
    Offset printing’s minuses

  • Small Run Price – Set-up costs are higher
  • Tick Tock, Tick Tock – Process is more time-consuming, especially for original set-up.
  • Change is Costly – Offset is not the way-to-go when frequent change is necessary.

Digital Printing

    Digital Printing’s pluses

  • Time – Set-up is quicker and less elaborate.
  • Timely – It is quicker and easier to make changes with digital printing, an advantage with items that are time-sensitive, or which need frequent up-dating.
  • Small Run Price – With lower set-up costs, digital printing projects usually requires less up-front money.
    Digital Printing’s minuses

  • Media – Fewer paper options are available with digital printing, which can lead to less distinctive results, a minus when trying to establish brand identity.
  • Color – Colors are less exact, and this counts when you need to perfectly match a “brand” color.

Remember the “rule of 500”. Typically, runs of less than 500 copies favor digital printing in terms of time and cost, while larger run economies lean toward the offset printing process. The pros at Transform Exact can help you make the best decisions, no matter the size of the job.